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Memories of an episode

Post by OnePixelDeep »


Can someone help me -I seem to remember an episode of Hammer House of Horror where there is a man in a yellow raincoat who gets knocked down by a car ? or something like that - I cant really remember much about it apart from it really scared me

Can anyone enlighten me ?

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Post by Scotty »

Hi, The episode was called "The two faces of evil"

The hitchhiker was picked up by a family and he then attacked the father causing the car to crash.
Turned out that he was a clone of the father and took his place and proceeded to scare the hell out of rest of the family.....
The son was then also killed and replaced by a clone, Closely followed by the mother.
Its one of my favorites, I vividly remember being terrified when it was aired originally in 1980 and the hiker standing there in the rain in his yellow mac has remained with me ever since! It was the first one I watched when I bought the box set!

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Must admit its one of the hammer films that I lost sleep over :D me and my sister, that and the house that bled to death, it was the first ones I bought and still thought they was great all these years after,I sleep better these days :oops:

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Post by Scotty »

Does this pic ring a bell?
Yes... Its still there 25 years later!
The tree stump as seen with the hitch hiker standing beside it!
Hasn't changed much!


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Post by tori276 »

I have also been trying to find out what this film/show was called for years!

I read film plots: Shattered, the man who haunted himself etc.

I knew it was vaguely late 70s/early 80s becuase of the yellowish cast the the film which I remember.

The main thing I could remember was the car crash the yellow rainmac and the bandages around the guy while he was being looked after by his wife.

I also remember the ending where you just weren't sure who was who?

I'm not sure if I saw a rerun in the 80s or whether or not at 4 I really did remember watching the original?!

Blockbuster and other dvd-rent services have them all available for hire now. I can't wait to see it again!

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Post by spooked »

this is the one part that i have never forgotten from when i was a kid
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It was the one episode which really played on my mind as a ten year old!