boxsets are best !

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boxsets are best !

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hi all just finished watching the hammer house of horror boxset, fantastic and worth every penny, and also the mystery and suspence boxset even better,!

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Post by Jo »

Great aren't they. I haven't watch the Mystery & Suspense yet though, well, I haven't even brought it yet, but I'm hoping to get them soon.
I've previously watched 'Child's Play' and 'In Possession' but that was years ago. Not sure if I've watched any others until I see them.
Loved the Horror ones. Silent Scream has to be my favourite.

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Post by john0207 »

i just brought the hammer box set,great it is.

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Yeah its great to enjoy them again (and again and.... !)

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Post by Jake »

Got the boxset and love it. £10 and worth every penny :)

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Post by john0207 »

the mystery and suspence box set is to much money,but there all on you tube now which is groovy..