Can anyone help me with this ?

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Can anyone help me with this ?

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My brother and I remember watching a short film/programme about a small boy who was a bit "damien-ish". The only flashbacks I have of it are of the boy and is family sat having a meal, mother carving some type of meat only for it to be riddled with maggots - yum !! The boy also had a cuddly toy rabbit which was later found on his bedroom floor but with blood and guts spilling out. I am in my early thirties, and I seem to remember watching this when I was probably about six (we watched scary stuff in our house !!) so we are looking at the late seventies/early eighties. Sorry the details are a bit vague, but does anyone have any recollections - was it a HHOH episode ??

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Its called growing pains

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Hi Dee and Beezy. I recommend buying the box set. Brilliant!

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Yep its in the box set and well worth getting, Love the MK2 JPS capri in it 8)