Need Help Finding This One...

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Need Help Finding This One...

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My parents used to got out every weekend and our babysitter used to let us stay up late and watch all kinds of stuff but the one Hammer production (i think it was hammer) that always stuck in my mind was one i which...and this may seem a little vague...but at the begining it had someone who kept on seeing an old woman with a nurse. Later, there was a couple in this house and the woman saw a old womans body stashed in a chest or something. Also the rooms in the house kept changing and wierd things were happening in the rooms. It was very much a psycological horror. Cant remember much else but it scared the life out of me at the time. Still freaks me out a little now if think about it while i'm alone in the dark or something. Its certainly had a lasting impression on me as i'm now in my 30's. I'd love to see it again, even if to just confront my fears.

There are a couple of other Hammer productions i remember, there was one which kept on having flashbacks about a witch being buried alive under wooden planks and bricks. The other one was the hitchhicker one but i think everyone remembers that.

Thanks for any help. :)

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I'm not quite sure of the movie you mentioned. Have you tried looking up Amicus films as well? Them and Hammer were both quite prominent at the same time and made very similar movies.

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Sounds a little like In Possession

Its about a couple (Frank and Sylvia) who are going abroad. After a good bye drink with some friends they sleep in their empty apartment as the night grows they see a man talking about his missing wife and their apartment all dressed up,more peculiar and bizarre events come and go, such as seeing the old women in a chest and been taken out of the apartment to the river. They have a most terrifying ordeal as the apartment won't let them go till they have seen the whole story.
After they do leave in the morning they come face to face with the new couple who are taking over their old apartment ...........the couple in the vision!