The "Carry on" films...

Recommend or discuss other classic British TV series. They don't have to be horror related !
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I've seen them all! :D
My favourite actor in the movies was Kenneth Williams and Joan Sims was my favourite actress in them. I really did not like Barbara Windsor at all, sorry to any of her fans but I just don't think she can act.
I love 'At Your Convenience', 'Matron', 'Behind' and 'Screaming'. I didn't like 'England' or 'Regardless'.

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My favourite was Carry On Spying (I went to see it in the Cinema in Rothesay) my second favourite is Carry On Screaming. :D

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Re: The "Carry on" films...

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Carry on Screaming is my favourite, if you took out the comedy it would still be a very good Gothic horror movie.

'Do you mind if I smoke' has got to be one of the best visual gags ever, I so regret I never got to see it first time round at the cinema. The audience reaction must have been fantastic.