The Rockville Slayer

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The Rockville Slayer

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This is a good one for anyone into cult horror flicks -- it even has that weird guy from Maniac Cop. It's quite a bit bloodier than anything from the HHoH, but I've been going through a gore phase lately and this has been one of my favorites:

Anyone else see this before? It has all the elements of the classic horror: high school kids up to no good, a crazy murderer on the loose, several unsettling characters, and an escaped mental patient. A lot of the plot unfolds towards the end though, so there's an element of suspense, too. I saw the trailer at Universal and didn't get a chance to see the whole film until recently...definitely recommended for gore or cult fans.


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Must look that one out the next time I have a 'horror' dvd night.
It sounds as though you would like 'House of 1000 Corpses' or have you seen it ?