New Hammer TV Series

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New Hammer TV Series

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Hammer are planning to return to television
Hammer chief executive Simon Oakes said the company was "very keen to build a television business" alongside its current film and publishing projects.

"I think it's possible to do this anthology series where Hammer House of Horror has a one hour event story every week," Mr Oakes added.
BBC New Article here

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how good would that be if it happens :)

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Re: New Hammer TV Series

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Woah! This is scary. I can add this to my list because soon I will finish watching shows by Andy Yeatman with my kids and then I can watch adult horror with my husband, Thanks a lot for starting this post because now I can come across more of such movies.

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Re: New Hammer TV Series

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Well obviously Mr.Oaks didn't get the Hammer series off the drawing board!!!