Lower Moat Manor

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Lower Moat Manor

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Has anyone worked out or found where Lower Moat Manor was ? The interior shots were, of course in Hampden House, but just where was Lower Moat ?? I guess it was somewhere in Bucks but who knows.. By the way, the cottage where the family stay in The Two Faces of Evil is here:
Martyn Cottage,
Ley Hill,

Anyone else been location hunting?

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Have you tried Ordnance Survey maps? Lower Moat Manor had some narrow winding roads which might not show up on a standard AA map.

I'm hoping to go location hunting at some point in the future, but it's a couple of hours drive from where I am. I want to find the secluded cottage from Silent Scream - it can't be too hard to find because it by a large roundabout.

And also check out some of the known location (and take photos), and see if I can find some more.

But you know what they say about the best laid plans...

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Thanks for that John, I wondered where that was! And Jo, If you find that house please let us know.
I found and photographed several locations...Some pics are on here.

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Thanks for the nod to Ley Hill John. I must take a trip over there and get some photos.

Many thanks :D

I'd love to know where Lower Moat Manor was. Just don't know :(

Let us know what you find Jo

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Post by Jo »

But is Lower Moat Manor and the road leading to it in the same place?

In Norman Shenley's recurring dream, the house is replaced with a field. My guess is the road leads to the field, and they used a bit of clever camera positioning (by the 'phonebox) to hide the truth.

There are other houses around if you look closely though. When Norman sees the tramp outside the 'phonebox you can clearly see other building further down the road.

You may not find the Lower Moat Manor there, but doubt it's too far away.