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Hi guys,

New member here. What a fantastic website. Love the hammer house of horror music! :D

Does anyone remember a 1970s hammer movie, 'Vault of Horror'? Hammer horror was before my time. However, I manage to see the repeats.

The story with the two young doctors, were they famous back in the 1970s? I've seen them somewhere before. :?

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Hello Carol and welcome to the site, yes the film Vault of Horror was made by the Amicus company, and yes the two dr's you mention were also stars of the sitcom Dr In the house which ran during the early 1970's

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Thanks Simon! :D

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Vault of Horror

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Hi Folks - Just to add a few names. The 2 Dr's in Vault of Horror as you rightly pointed out appeared in the 70's series Dr in the house In Vault of Horror they are Tom played by Robin Nedwell and Jerry by Geoffrey Davies.



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Vault of Horror is an exellent film, as is its prequal, Tales From the Crypt. I really enjoy the horrors of the anthology variety.
  • Favourite stories from Vault of Horror would be the vampire one, and (being a magician myself) the one with the magician :)