Wanda Ventham

The actors and actresses of Hammer Films
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Wanda Ventham

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Anyone remember Wanda Ventham ? She was in quite a bit of Hammer stuff, and I had the pleasure of meeting her at Ronnie Barker's memorial service where I was an usher. We chatted about how late her husband was to everything - charming person !


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Wanda also played Pamela Parry (Rodneys mother-in-law) in Only Fools and horses.

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She was also in The Blood Beast Terror.

This film has a reputation of being pretty awful but I have a soft spot for it :)

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Hi Folks - My favorite film with Wanda Ventham is Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter - Great movie and Wanda acts her role superbly


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She was also in the TV show UFO, with Ed Bishop.
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