powerful scenes

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powerful scenes

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For me, some of the most potent facial expressions of the characters: The house that bled: when older Sophie looks at William just before she hacks him. The 2 faces of evil: When Martin smiles at Janet in the cottage as he reveals his true identity, those rotting, yellow teeth. The 2 faces of evil: Dr Cummings and the nurses apathy, rudeness and coldness during their talk at the hospital. Children of full moon: Mrs Ardoys amusement at Sarah as she is about to be attacked by a creature that doesn't exist.

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Re: powerful scenes

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I rather liked the opening (pre-title sequence) scene of Children of the Full Moon, where we see an innocent little girl playing and singing softly to herself, then see turns to camera revealing her blood soaked face where she's been feasting on a dead sheep! Really made me jump the first time.