Did anyone watch Ashes To Ashes last week?

Anything else related to the series
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Did anyone watch Ashes To Ashes last week?

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You're probably thinking that I've posted in the wrong section, but my eagle eyes spotted something in the last episode of Ashes To Ashes (ep. 4).

When Gene Hunt and Alex Drake get into their Audi Quattro, a Ford Cortina starts up behind them and pulls away.

The Ford Cortina has the registration SPU 444R, the same registration as the police car in A Visitor From The Grave. See previous thread

Is that what happens to scrapped cars? TV production companies reuse their number plates? Small DVLA world.

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well spotted, but how weird is that.

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Indeed, Well spotted, Spooky eh?

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I'm not sure whether to be impressed that you recognised that or worried that you knew it to begin with. :)