How old is everyone here?

Anything else related to the series
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Happy Birthday ! :D

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38.....was 10 at the time. I seem to remember looking forward to 9:15 on a Saturday night, and the man who appeared in the window of Hampden House at the beginning scared the poo out of me! aaahhh the good old days...

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I seem to be the oldest so far - can anyone beat 46...please ha
I remember the first showing and I now have the dvd 's and enjoy watching the series now as much as I did then.

Boy does time go fast!!

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I'm 37 and still remember watching some of the original episodes. :?

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At the time the Hammer House of Horror was broadcast on ITV, I was 10. I'm now 41. I only ever watched four episodes - Growing Pains, Rude Awakening, The House That Bled To Death & Children Of The Full Moon. I always remembered how creepy the music was too. For years after I looked for the videos. They were shown again on Bravo in 1993/94 & I recorded most of them, before buying the video about 10 years ago & the dvd a few years after that :)

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thirtysomething wrote:33 :D

Bloody hell...........I'll soon have to change my name to fourtysomething :lol:

Have I really been on this forum since 2005? wow

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im 38 and remember two faces of evil the most......scariest one by far when your 8. :shock:

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I'm 19, 20 next month :)

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I'm 59, I'll be 60 in October.

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I'm 43,and I can remember watching these on their original transmission on Saturday nights.My friend's mum used to babysit me,and we were both allowed to watch most of the episodes.

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I'm 40 & fabulous lol :D :D

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I'm 40 & fabulous lol :D :D