Please Help With A 30yr Old Problem!

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Please Help With A 30yr Old Problem!

Post by SteveToon »

Hi everyone, many years ago, when I was a kid, I used to stay with my Gran at weekends and she would let me stay up late to watch horror films. There are 2 films that I'm trying to rediscover from my childhood which scared the crap outta me, the 1st had 3 little demons that lived in a fireplace in a cellar, I now know this to be Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark (1973 American TV Movie) But the other film/episode was (I think) British. Now forgive me if I get several movies mixed up here, it was a long time ago, I think it started with a farmer ploughing a field & he finds something in the soil, when he picks it up it looks like an old finger (or something) The next part I remember is a woman at the top of the stairs and when she puts her hand on the bannister she has claws!
Does any of this ring any bells? This frightened me silly but the worst thing happened the next night., after Sunday lunch my gran always put the leftovers out in the garden for the birds (we had to try to keep our dog, Major, indoors to stop him eating the chicken carcass but he usually got out!) Anyway later that night I was going to bed, with the film still on my mind, when I noticed something on my bed... To my horror it was the finger from the beginning of the movie!! I froze, I got goosebumps all over and my eyes nearly popped outta my head! I just stood staring at the 'finger' terrified!! Then, after what seemed ages, I noticed that it wasn't actually a finger at all but . . . . a chicken wing!! My dog Major got the blame but he never confessed strangely!
PS. That was all TRUE, I swear!
Thanks for any comments,

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Post by Bratt »

Well, I wish I could help you...but none of that rings any bells with me. It's amazing how childhood memories are so strong, especially when it comes to watching old horror films. But one thing I have found...watching those "terrifying" old films when you're an adult can be a bit of a let down! My memories of HHoH through my teens and 20s left me with memories of it as being the most disturbing, scary and nightmare creating stuff I could ever have imagined. When the videos arrived in the post 20 years later and I popped them into the old VCR, well, they were a bit of a let down! Maybe it's just because 20 years of memories had built them up to an unattainable high - I don't know. I still think they're great though!
By the way, I've googled a few of your clues to the film you saw. Now this is probably totally wrong, but one that seems to crop up is "Blood On Satan's Claw". Have a look and see what you think...

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This is intersting,you could well be remembering several horror films,"Dr Terrors House of Horror"features peter cushing as a tarot card reader on a train who fortells the future of four men.One of which is Christopher Lee who ends up being terrorised by a severed hand of an art critic whom he ran over in his car and the hand ends up killing him.Also there is the film "The Hand" starring Michael Caine.There was another film i remember where a scientist creates a being and uses electricity to form the creature the beginnings of which you see the finger form first in the machine then the hand appears and so on ,but i cant remember the name!! lol.hope this helps

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Post by SGodrich »

The plot elements you mention are familiar but I can't place them. There is a great site here where they may be able to work out the title for you. Please let us know if you find out, I think a few of us would be interested in knowing.

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30 Year old problem

Post by sgmack1969 »

Hi Steve. I guess as it's been a couple of years since you posted your question, that you've now found out what the film was. In the event that you haven't, the film is 'Blood on Satan's Claw', also known as 'Satan's Skin' in America. Patrick Wymark, Linda Hayden, Anthony Ainley, Michelle Dotrice & Wendy Padbury are all in it.

I have a similar question to yours that you or other members might be able to help with. 10 - 15 years ago I watched a horror film which was set in the same era as '..Satan's Claw', & I can't remember what it was called. I don't remember much, apart from the ending but it's all about a curse, I think & the victims will be killed by a werewolf. A well to do family are the intended victims. I don't know who cursed them, so if I speculate then I'll probably send you off on a wild goosechase. However, at the end of the film the family, or at least the survivors, are escaping (so they think!) in their coach & horses. Suddenly the werewolf puts his hands through the roof of the coach, & the girl inside, screams. That is where the film ends. Can anyone help me find out what it is please? I liked it because it is a similar genre film to the old hammer & tigon films. Thanks.