First Viewing of the Series in Australia

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First Viewing of the Series in Australia

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I remember in the early to mid-80s "babysitting" a younger cousin (I was 20-24* and he was about 8-10) for an aunt and uncle and that evening Hammer House of Horror was on with the episode "The House That Bled to Death". I hadn't heard of the series at this point. Anyway my aunt gets home and my cousin is describing in detail what happened in the show, exaggerating of course, and my aunt starts tearing strips of me for letting him watch it. Just imagine an Australian version of Hyacinth Bucket, that's what she was like (and still is). So I have a kind of sentimental attachment to that episode. :)

Ironically about ten years after this I saw it on a video shop shelf and hired it, it was a double bill with another episode (I can't remember which one, it may have been "Charlie Boy"). It was a weekly hire as it was a few years old and before the week was up the video store had a fire and I got to keep it - even though I was supposed to do the honest thing and return it - as the fire had destroyed their computer gear so they had no idea who had what. Since the DVDs came out I disposed of the video although now I wish I kept it, mainly just for the video box.

I'll post the original Australian airdates (well Sydney at least) when I can, of all 13 episodes. This may be of interest.

*Upon further investigation, it seems "The House That Bled To Death" aired in Sydney Australia on 19 December 1983, which would have made me 22 at the time, assuming that was the time I saw it. It seems about the right time, late 1983 approaching Christmas and babysitting my cousin who would have just started school holidays.

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Re: First Viewing of the Series in Australia

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Like your HHoH story about your Aussie aunt Hyacinth Bucket !