Filming Location:

Great Hampden

Carpathian Eagle

Hammer made good use of the roads in and around Great Hampden for many of the car driving scenes in the series. In particluar, the crossroads just outside the main gate of Hampden House was used in a quite a few episodes. In Carpathian Eagle it was used at the very beginning of the episode when Natalie picks her first victim. Natalie is walking towards Hampden House’s main gate as the victim’s car is seen approaching the crossroads.

You will see below that it was also used in the Charlie Boy and Two Faces of Evil episodes.

Carpathian Eagle filming location
Great Hampden Crossroads
The road just outside the main gate of Hampden House was used for part of Clifford’s car driving scene.
Carpathian Eagle clifford car
Carpathian Eagle filming location

Charlie Boy

In Charlie Boy the crossroads was used when Sarah is driving her Mini at speed and also when Graham was driving at speed too.

Charlie Boy crossroads
Charlie Boy car scene
Great Hampden Filming Location
Charlie Boy crossroads

Children of The Full Moon

The lanes in Great Hampden and outside Hampden House were used for the car driving scenes.

Children of The Full Moon car
Children of The Full Moon Car Scene
Children of The Full Moon Great Hampden
Children of The Full Moon Gt Hampden
This scene was filmed just outside the gatehouse of Hampden House.
Children of The Full Moon Filmed
Children of The Full Moon Great Hampden

Guardian of The Abyss

The road leading from Great Missenden to Butlers Cross (Rignall Road) was used when Mike has to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting Allison. He stops outside what was the original gatehouse of Hampden House.

Guardian of The Abyss filming location
Hampden House Gatehouse
Rignall Road Great Missenden
Hampden House Original Gate House

The Two Faces of Evil

The Lewis’ holiday cottage is located in a secluded part of Great Hampden.

The road in the opening sequence is just down the hill from Hampden House. It’s Hight St/Rignall Road.

The tree stump is just outside the main gate of Hampden House

The crossroads just outside the main gate at Hampden House

The location used for the farm and barns at the end of the episode has been discovered by Andy Pagin, a long time forum member who by chance stumbled across the location when being diverted on a different route to work. It turns out the farm is literally yards from Hampden House.

Visitor From The Grave

Penny and Harry’s house is in Gt. Hampden village centre. Thanks to Diane and her brother for letting me know and thanks to Scotty for the ‘now’ photo.

Witching Time

David Winter’s house is located not far from Hampden, along the Missenden Road. Thanks to Moyb Ullah and Simon Flynn for the ‘now’ photo.