Filming Location:

Great Missenden

Carpathian Eagle

The High Street was used for the scene where Inspector Clifford and Natalie are chatting.

These buildings now house the Rohald Dahl Museum. Dahl’s house ‘Gypsy House’ in Great Missenden and one day a year they open the garden to visitors where you can see his famous writing hut and gypsy caravan.

NEW (19 Jul 2020) The parade of shops along Station Approach was used for the scene where Natalie is walking to the motel.

Great Missenden Station Approach
Station Approach Great Missenden
Carpathian Eagle shops location
Carpathian Eagle shops location
Great Missenden Station Approach
Station Approach Great Missenden

Great Missenden church (Church Lane) was used for the funeral scenes.

The BMI Chiltern Hospital was used for the location of Mrs Henska’s house and also for the building opposite when Natalie and Clifford arrive to see Mrs. Henska. The location has changed significantly since filming. The building was once Little Missenden Abbey. Many thanks to Julian Manhood who discovered this location.

Julian also said that the house where the stakeout van was parked was also on the Little Abbey site but has since been demolished. He is indeed correct. I have discovered this old photo of the Little Abbey Hotel in which you can see the buildings but is now the Chiltern hospital car park.
LittleAbbey Hotel Missenden
Chiltern Hospital Missenden

Charlie Boy

As you head out of Missenden towards Wendover, you will find the location used for the beginning of the road rage incident.

The house that Graham goes to retrieve the stolen Charlie Boy is opposite the T-Junction above.

Later on in the road rage scene, Rignall Road is used. This road leads to Butlers Cross where you will pass the UK’s Prime Ministers residence Chequers.

The same stretch of road is used at the end of the episode when Sarah is driving her Mini at speed.
Great Missenden Rignall Road
Great Missenden Rignall Road
Further along Rignall Road, towards Great Hampden, is the section of road where Graham is seen driving home at speed with Charlie Boy.
Charlie Boy road
Great Missenden Rignall Road

Rude Awakening

Norman Shenley’s estate agency was located in the centre of Great Missenden, at the bottom of the hill (Station Approach) leading down from the railway station. The shop is now a Barbers and next door is an actual estate agents.

The Two Faces of Evil

Just out of Great Missenden as you head towards Chesham up Frith Hill/Chesham Road is the T-Junction when Janet and her son drive to the hospital.

Great Missenden public car park was used for the hospital car park scene.