Carpathian Eagle


Detective Inspector Clifford is called to the scene of the latest murder where the victims die from having their hearts cut out with a carved tool. He enlists the help from the author of a book on a 300 year old Carpathian countess who murdered her lovers by the same means. Surely this timid and plain woman couldn’t possibly be the same seductive temptress who murders these men, could she ?


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Detective Inspector Clifford
Anthony Valentine
Jonathan Kent
Jeffrey Wickham
Richard Wren
Suzanne Danielle
Matthew Long
Hospital Gardener
Morgan Sheppard
Police Woman
Diane Adderley
Mrs. Henska
Sian Phillips
Police Doctor
Ellis Dale
1st Victim
Barry Stokes
Barry Stanton
Gary Waldhorn
Last Victim
Pierce Brosnan

Production Information

Transmission Date: 8th November 1980 (UK ITV)

Screenplay: Bernie Cooper, Francis Megahy – who both also co-wrote the Charlie Boy screenplay

Director: Francis Megahy – who also directed the Growing Pains episode



Suzanne Danielle’s once boyfriend Patrick Mower, starred in the ‘Czech Mate’ episode from Hammer House of Mystery & Suspense.

Anthony Valentine appeared in one of my favourite horror films, The Monster Club, appearing as Mooney in the vampie story. Incidently, The Monser Club was another Jack Gill and Chips production. 


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