The Mark of Satan


A man claiming to have been infected with an evil virus dies trying to drill a hole into his head. Hospital morgue assistant Edwyn Rord attends to the dead body but soon becomes obsessed with the number 9 and that the the forces of evil are conspiring against him. Has Edwyn been infected too ?


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Peter McEnery
Dr. Manders
Conrad Phillips
James Curran
Georgina Hale
Peter Birrel
Peter Cartwright
Dr. Harris
Emrya James
James Duggan
Mrs. Rord
Annie Dyson
Anthony Brown
Andrew Bradford
Chrispin Gillbard

Production Information

Transmission Date: 6th December 1980 (UK ITV)

Screenplay: Don Shaw

Director: Don Leaver – who also directed the Witching Time episode



Apparently the Leaguse of Gentlemen’s Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton named their BBC show ‘Inside No.9’ in honour of this episode.

Infact, in a 2020 interview, Mark Gatiss told the Guardian “We all loved the show, and we’re all roughly the same age, so we watched it in the same way as kids,” and “When we first got to know each other, we’d talk about it a lot. It was a common currency, so it had an impact that way. An older bit of England with matrons and things that were genuinely quite creepy.”

You can read the Guardian article here


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