Great Hampden  (between Gt. Missenden & Princes Risborough)

Visitor From The Grave
The house that Penny and Harry live in isn't far from Hampden (actual address is known but notdelcared in order to protect the privacy of this residential address).(Thanks to Diane and her brother for informing me of this location) (thanks to Scotty for the up to date pic)

Children of The Full Moon
The lanes around Hampden were used throughout the series. In particular here is the location used inChildren of The Full Moon where Tom and Sarah's car breaks down and they decide to walk. This location is along Bryants Bottom Lane.If driving towards Hughenden Valley from Hampden it would be on the left hand side justbefore the road narrows

This shot is just past the Gate Inn
The road used for both when Tom's car loses control and also when Tom is looking for the house - Great Hampden
And this one is outside Hampden House

The Two Faces of Evil
Hampden House was used for the interior hospital scenes and also for the scene whenJanet returns to collect their things
The tree stump which the hitchhiker is standing next to at the opening sequence is still there, atthe crossroads just outside Hampden House

The holiday cottage that the Lewis family stay in has eluded me for a long time, but all this time I should have explored Great Hampden more because its just down the road from the cottage used in Visitor From The Grave.
The road in the opening sequence is just down the hill from Hampden House. It's High St/Rignall Road
The crossroads outside Hampden House
The location used for the farm/barns at the end of the episode has been discovered by Andy Pagin, a long time forum member who, by chance stumbled across the location when being diverted another route to work. It turns out to be a farm literally yards from Hampden House.

Witching Time
David Winter's house is located not far from Hampden, along the Missenden Road. Thanks to Moyb Ullah and Simon Flynn for the 'now' shot.

Guardian of the Abyss
road from great missenden used in guardian of the abyssThe road leading from Great Missenden to Butlers Cross (Rignall Road) was used when Mike has to slam on the brakesto avoid hitting Allison. He stops outside what used to be the old gatehouse of Hampden House.

The crossroads, just by the entrance to the Hampden House estate were used for many shots.
Hampden House , the once head quarters for Hammer, was used extensively throughout the Hammer House ofHorror series. Exterior and interior shots can be seen in the following episodes. The church opposite the housewas also used in many episodes:
hampden house

Witching Time (church only)
The Thirteenth Reunion
Charlie Boy
Children of the Full Moon
Carpathian Eagle
Guardian of the Abyss
Growing Pains

There are some good pubs around this area which although have no connection with the series, are wortha visit for some good food and drink - The Pink and Lily and The Hampden Arms.

The Thirteenth Reunion
Hampden House was used for the Chesterton Clinic

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