Filming Locations


The vast majority of filming locations for the series were in and around the Chiltern villages surrounding Great Hampden, Hammer Films head quarters at the time.

Living in the area has enabled me to collate this definitive list of locations used for each episode. Most of the locations were discovered by me along with those found by visitors to the site who have been credited with the find.

Click on the images below for more detailed information and use this interactive map to view exact locations.


Where Are These Locations ?

There are still a few locations that haven’t been identified. Can you help? Please use the contact form if you can.

Guardian of The Abyss

The auction rooms that appear at the beginning of the episode.

Carpathian Eagle

Outside the theatre. Was this outside Hemel Hempstead Old Town arts theatre? I thought perhaps they used part of Hampden House, although Andy Pagin who knows Hampden House very well is almost 100% certain it’s not.

Two Faces of Evil

The car crash sequence seen at the start of the episode. Surely one of the lanes near to Hampden House?