Filming Location:

Hampden House

Hampden House in Great Hampden, near Great Missenden, was the once headquarters of Hammer Films during the filming of the TV series and was used extensively, popping up in many of the thirteen episodes as well as in the opening title credits. Hammer made good use of both the exterior and interior, and so I felt the house needed a location page all of its own.

The grade I listed house was built in the 14th century and was the ancestoral home of the Hampden family until 1978 when Hammer Films purchased the property, no doubt seeing great filming potential in the gothic structure. An insurance company now own the property and although closed to the public, it can be hired for weddings.

The outside of Hampden House most notably appears as the slimming clinic in The Thirteenth Reunion. Other exterior shots of the house and rooms inside were also widely used in the following episodes:

  • The Opening Title Sequence of the Series
  • Carpathian Eagle
  • Charlie Boy
  • Children of The Full Moon
  • Growing Pains (The Church)
  • Guardian of The Abyss
  • Rude Awakening
  • The Two Faces of Evil
  • The Thirteenth Reunion (plus the church)
  • Witching Time (The Church)

Thanks to Drew Coster, a visitor to the site and forum member, who managed to take some of the following fantastic shots of Hampden House when he was there in the capacity of a photographer’s assistant. The staff at Hampden House kindly gave Drew access to some out-of-bounds areas such as Mrs. Ardoy’s hallway and th gallery above the main hall.


The Thirteenth Reunion

Entering the drive to Hampden House and The Church

Carpathian Eagle, Guardian of The Abyss

Charlie Boy, Opening Titles

Charlie Boy

Charlie Boy, Rude Awakening, The Thirteenth Reunion

Children of The Full Moon

Rude Awakening

Andy Pagin, a friend of the site says the hook from which Norman is hanged in Rude Awakening is still in the beam at Hampden House.

Guardian of The Abyss

Rude Awakening, The Thirteenth Reunion

Children of The Full Moon, The Two Faces of Evil

Children of The Full Moon, Guardian of The Abyss, The Two Faces of Evil

Witching Time

Growing Pains

Andy Pagin has confirmed that Jame’s bedroom and the dining room are rooms inside Hampden House. Andy says the painting behind James is still at Hampden House.

The Two Faces of Evil

Hampden House Driveway

The main drive at Hampden House is used for the beginning of the car going out of control scene in Growing Pains.

The drive is also used in Charlie Boy when Gwen drives off and Graham rides his horse.
Charlie Boy long drive
The driveway was used in Children of The Full Moon, when Tom & Sarah start their journey.
Children of The Full Moon car

Opening credits gargoyle

Here are some miscellaneous photos of Hampden House