Witching Time


Witching Time was the first episode to be aired and it set the tone for the rest of the series, namely gore, nudity and a good horror related story.

David Winter is working from his isolated home, Woodstock Farm. During a thunderstorm David finds a young frightened woman in his stable claiming to be a 17th century witch. David takes her to the house where he calls his doctor Charles to come and examine her. This is when the story takes off with Lucinda reeking havoc on David and his cheating wife Mary.


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David Winter
Jon Finch
Lennard Pearce
Mary Winter
Prunella Gee
Margaret Anderson
Lucinda Jessop
Patricia Quinn
Dr Charles Henderson
Ian McCulloch

Production Information

Transmission Date: 13th September 1980 (UK ITV)

Screenplay: Anthony Read

Director: Don Leaver – who also directed ‘The Mark of Satan’ episode

Filming Locations

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