Original Props, Production & Miscellaneous Information


The following images were kindly provided by Simon Greetham, who has been involved with Hammer Studios over the years with regards to exhibitions at the Museum of the Moving Image among others. Simon was also involved with Don Fearney in organising the two Hammer get togethers at Bray Film Studios in 1998 and 1999.

As you can see from the images, Simon’s collection includes various original props used in the series, including the sacrifical dagger made by Ian Scoones for the Guardian of the Abyss, the mask used to make the shadows on the walls in Children of The Full Moon and one of the Charlie Boy fetishes. Many of the items were given to Simon by Ian, the other props came from the auction sale held at Hampden House when Hammer moved out.

Many thanks to Simon and Ian for providing these unique images.

[1] The dagger from Guardian of The Abyss breaks down into several pieces. It still has the working retractable blade as is seen being used at the end of the episode where Ray Lonnen pulls out the dagger. The lettering on the dagger handled has faded away , but it is in otherwise very good condition, this came from the auction at Hampden house.

[2] The mask made by Ian Scoones was originally a childrens fancy dress mask that Ian added fur, ears, hair, etc to. A cheap option used to maximum effect

[3] Simon owns one of 3 original Charlie Boy props all made by John Friedlander, probably better know for his work on Dr Who during the 70’s and early 80’s.

[4] Ian Scoones kindly allowed Simon to photograph the original hand prop used in The House That Bled to Death episode. It is made from latex and was cast fromIan’s hand.

Simon also kindly provided the following images of a leather bound book commissioned and propduced by 20th Century Fox in December 1967. He believes the book was produced for studio executives at both Fox and Hammer as the book is too well produced to be just a promotional give away, being printed on high quality manuscript paper and including short stories such as Paranoiac, Shadow of the Cat, The Monkeys Paw and so on. The book is entitled “Tales of The Unknown” and was obviously produced to tie in with the studios collaboration on “Journey to the Unknown”
A regular visitor to the site and major fan of the series is Moyb Ullah. He owns a collection of props and memoribila from the series which includes one of the Ian Scoones hands from The House That Bled To Death ! and has kindly provided the following photos:
Moyb also owns some original shooting scripts for the Guardian of The Abyss, Rude Awakening and Growing Pains episodes, as well as a publicity manual that was produced for the series.
Moyb also owns the painting from the Mystery & Suspense episode ‘Paint Me a Murder’. If you are familiar with this episode, you will recall it gets thrown into water. Moyb says it was in a bad way and had to be restored.
Another visitor to the site, Andy Pagin, has some inside knowledge of Hampden House and has kindly provided a floorplan, indicating where some scenes were filmed.
Stephen Jones is a collector of Hammer memorabilia. He has kindly supplied the following images from his collection.
BAFTA award winning TV drama director Jonathan East was a teenager when the series was being filmed. He lived in The Trooper public house in Windsor and watched the crew at work filming The Thirteenth Reunion. He has kindly provided the two following photos he took at the time.
The production crew assembled for a photo in the hall at Hampden House