Growing Pains


The son of a wealthy scientist suddenly dies after eating a powder found in his father’s research laboratory. To fill the void in their life, the Mortons adopt a boy from The Nesbit Trust Children’s Home but odd things start to occur when he comes home to live with them.


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Laurie Morton
Barbara Kellerman
Matthew Blakstad
Karin Scott
Terence Morton
Gary Bond
Christopher Reilly
Grave Digger
Geoffrey Beevers
Mr Ngenko
Norman Beaton
Daphne Anderson
Charles Austin
Tariq Yunus
Michael Hughes

Production Information

Transmission Date: 4th October 1980 (UK ITV)

Screenplay: Nicholas Palmer

Director: Francis Megahy – who also directed the Carpathian Eagle episode. He also co-wrote the Charlie Boy and Carpathian Eagle screenplays


Filming Locations

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