Children of The Full Moon


Whilst en-route to a friends holiday cottage in the west country, Tom and Sarah Martin’s car breaks down. They stumble across a deserted house in the Somerset woods and are invited to stay the night by the kind Mrs Ardoy and her brood of children. They’re attacked by what appears to be a werewolf but when Tom awakes in hospital, Sarah convinces him that they were in a car crash. Did Tom really dream it all and why is Sarah acting so strange ?


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Mrs Ardoy
Diana Dors
Jacob Witkin
Young Boy
Matthew Dorman
Natalie Payne
Tom Martin
Christopher Cazenove
Adrian Mann
Young Girl
Wilhemina Green
Daniel Kipling
Sarah Martin
Celia Gregory
Victoria Wood
Small Girl
Corinna Reardon
Robert Urquhart
Sophie Kind
Small Boy
Daniel Payne

Production Information

Transmission Date: 1st November 1980 (UK ITV)

Screenplay: Murray Smith

Director: Tom Clegg – who also directed The House That Bled To Death episode



Christopher Cazenove starred in the ‘In Possession’ episode of the Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense series¬†


Filming Locations

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