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The Thirteenth Reunion

At the beginning of the episode where Ruth is in her car in Fleet Street, London, she is actually heading south on St Leonards Road, Windsor, outside Admiral House. This road is used again later in the episode (see below). Thanks to Kevin Flanagan for spotting this location (September 2020).

The Thirteenth Reunion London Location
St Leonards Road Windsor

The location used for the Ashford Brothers Funeral Directors is in St. Leonards Road, next to the “Trooper” public house (opposite St. Marks Place). Its now an Indian restaurant.

Thanks to Lee for identifying this location and also to Gary Culpan for the up to date pictures.

Thirteenth Reunion Funeral Directors Location
Thirteenth Reunion Funeral Directors Filming Location
Windsor Thirteenth Reunion
Windsor Funeral Directors

When Ruth follows the hearse to The Chesterton Clinic, there is a brief shot looking through Ruth’s windscreen, and another looking back out of the hearse. This was filmed driving north up St. Leonards Road, between Grove Road and Temple Road.

Thirteenth Reunion following hearse
Thirteenth Reunion following hearse
St Leonards Road windsor
St Leonards Road Windsor